About us

We are an interdisciplinary team trained in different areas of knowledge: languages, literature, international relations, education, translation, linguistics, ICT. Our team is flexible and dynamic to meet the emerging problems and demands in the field of languages.

General Coordinator: Lía Varela lvarela@untref.edu.ar

Research Coordinator and French for Academic Purposes: Víctor Montoya vmontoya@untref.edu.ar

Development Coordinator and English Coordinator: Mercedes Foligna mfoligna@untref.edu.ar

Innovation Coordinator and English for Academic Purposes: Ana Verdelli averdelli@untref.edu.ar

Technical Coordinator: Cecilia Galdabini

Coordinator of Spanish for Foreign Students: Silvia Luppino sluppino@untref.edu.ar

French Coordinator: Ana Saint Jean asaintjean@untref.edu.ar

Italian Coordinator: Cristian Valenzuela Issac cvissac@untref.edu.ar 

Argentine Sign Language Coordinator: Gabriela Lima Chaparro glchaparro@untref.edu.ar 

Interns: Vanina Dzioba, Marisol Esteban and Milagros Tierno