Education and research

Specialization and Master's Degree in Language Management

UNTREF LINGUA is part of an innovative postgraduate training programme that UNTREF has been offering since 2012: the Specialization and the Master in Language Management. Teachers, researchers, graduates and students of both courses are involved in various activities at UNTREF LINGUA.

PLIES Project

The Language Policy and Internationalization of Higher Education research project, financed by the R&D Department at UNTREF, aims to deepen and broaden the study of skills, requirements, evaluation instruments and language policies that foster university internationalization, especially at UNTREF.

Team: Ivana Delfino, Mercedes Foligna, Silvia Luppino, Víctor Montoya, Fabricio Müller, Jonathan Raspa, Valentina Salas, Cristian Valenzuela Issac, Lía Varela (director), Ana Verdelli.

PILAP Project

Teams from the Université d'Ottawa/Ottawa University, Université de Paris and UNTREF have set out to lay the foundations for a network of specialists and institutions that develop and/or require know-how for transformative language policies: the PILAP project - International Languages ​​and Public Action Pole. Through PILAP (financed by the PRISA program of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), UNTREF LINGUA engages in cooperation and exchange with the Institut des Langues Officielles et du Bilinguisme (ILOB/OLBI) and the Centre Population et Développement (CEPED).

UNTREF Team: Mercedes Foligna, Silvia Luppino, Víctor Montoya, Jonathan Raspa, Angélica Rivera, Lía Varela (coordinator), Ana Verdelli.

OPAF AmSud Project

The Observatoire des Pratiques et des Apprentissages du Français en Amérique du Sud project aims to improve knowledge of professional practices and French language learning in South America. Within this project, a team involving researchers from Universidade de São Paulo, Universidade Federal do Pará, Université de Franche Comté and Université Saint-Boniface de Winnipeg carried out a first survey in Brazil, which resulted in a publication: "Estado das aprendizagens e práticas profissionais do francês no Brasil". Currently, as part of this project, the international research "Identification and analysis of professional practices of the French language in Argentina and Brazil" is being conducted. The Argentine chapter of this research - financed by the French Embassy in Brazil and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, and supported by Campus France, Universidad del Salvador, Universidad de Cuyo, and the French-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Industry - is led by teams from Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (UNTREF LINGUA) and Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.

UNTREF team: Víctor Montoya, Valentina Salas, Lía Varela.